Monitor three circuits for the price of one!

If you’ve got a PEL103 portable energy logger, you already know how useful and convenient it is for monitoring individual single- and three-phase circuits. But sometimes you want to monitor more than one circuit. If you’re a landlord, for example, you might want to monitor the circuits supplying two or three different tenants, and if you’re a facilities manager, you might want separate results for your lighting, power and HVAC circuits. You could monitor the circuits one after the other, but it’s often useful to know that the measurements on the individual circuits were all made at the same time.

Fortunately, if it’s single-phase circuits you’re monitoring, your PEL103 offers a very convenient solution that won’t cost you a penny! Simply set up your PEL103 to make three-phase, four-wire (star) measurements, and you can use it to monitor three separate single-phase circuits simultaneously. Just install the current sensors and make the voltage connections to the circuits you want to monitor, and you can carry out the measurement and log the data in exactly the same way you normally would. The only extra thing you’ll need to remember is to make a note of which circuit corresponds with each of the sets of results.

But what if you want to monitor multiple three-phase circuits, or more than three single-phase circuits? Sorry, there isn’t a cost-free fix for this: we’re good but we’re not quite that good! You’ll need to buy additional PEL103s – but do get in touch and we’ll give you an excellent price!