The crucial link between environmental conditions and the health of your business.

Nowadays, one of the most overlooked factors influencing a business’s productivity is its internal workplace environment. Poor working conditions can have a direct effect on the wellbeing, health, and productivity of  the employees, as well as unnecessarily increasing energy costs.

Temperature, ventilation, and the lighting environment are key parameters effecting health, productivity, and the comfort of the occupants. Studies have shown that the financial impact of a poor indoor environment for the employer, the building proprietor, and for occupants, are frequently substantially higher than the cost of the energy used to run the building. It has also been proven that proper indoor ecological quality can improve overall work performance as well as reducing absenteeism. In addition to that, optimising the indoor environmental conditions of a workplace can also drastically reduce the carbon footprint of the business.

How can environmental conditions be optimised?

The simple answer is: through measuring and monitoring several key parameters, and applying changes where needed, based on the information received. Check out our articles on Environmental Testing below, which will provide you with a detailed overview of the issue and will give you the information needed in order to optimise the environmental conditions of your workplace.

Environmental Article
Environmental Article
Maintaining an Environment for Efficiency
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