Introducing the CA6117 Multi Function Tester, a game-changer in electrical testing. Engineered for excellence, this rugged device redefines reliability, offering unparalleled performance in the most demanding environments. With advanced features designed to tackle modern electrical complexities, it's the new alternative trusted by professionals.



In the modern electrical workplace electricians must deal with a complex array of work and equipment. Only by having powerful tools, like the CA6117 multi function tester, can they be prepared for anything they will encounter. Simple MFTs are OK for basic safety testing, but when it comes to fault finding, commissioning and diagnostics, that’s where advanced MFTs like the CA6117 come into their own, empowering electricians with everything they need to do the job.

Everything the modern electrician needs in one product, at the turn of a knob.

A New Standard in Quality: the CA6117 Multi Function Tester

· Accurately measure and display Voltage and Current Harmonics up to the 50th

· Power can be displayed with direction indication for imported or exported power

· Power Factor measured and seen on the graphical display

· Ability to display Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

·  Ultra accurate Earth Fault Loop Impedance (Zs) measurement

The CA6117 has the ability to display voltage, and using the optional current clamp, current waveforms, displaying both peak (max) and RMS values. This is useful to identify any waveform distortion, maybe from harmonics or other sources. Power can also be displayed with direction indication for imported or exported power, ideal where microgeneration such as PV systems are present. Power Factor can be measured and seen on the graphical display. These features are essential for those working in modern electrical systems with capacitive, inductive and non-linear loads present. The ability to see these values in real-time assists in quickly diagnosing issues within the installation or supply. They are also essential when configuring or testing equipment such as power factor correction capacitor banks.

Using the voltage input and optional current clamp, the CA6117 has the ability to accurately measure and display Voltage and Current Harmonics up to the 50th harmonic order, performance typically only seen on dedicated power quality analysers or loggers. All modern electrical installations contain non-linear loads which generate harmonics. These harmonics can cause many issues within installations, such as the overheating and premature failure of equipment. The only way to identify the underlying cause of these issues is by using a meter such as the CA6117 or an expensive power quality analyser or logger. The CA6117 has the ability to display Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), a simple measure of the amount of harmonics present. It can also show each of the 50 individual harmonics in graphical or numerical form. This powerful feature allows the electrician to identify specific harmonic issues and also check the effectiveness of harmonic mitigation measures, such as active harmonic filters.

Another stand-out feature of the CA 6117 is its ultra accurate Earth Fault Loop Impedance (Zs) measurement capability. Unlike most MFTs on the market, the CA 6117 is able to measure Zs to three decimal places and test lead resistance can also be nulled in Zs mode. In heavy duty installations or where working on installations close to the supply transformer, Zs values can be very low. To measure such low values, which are beyony the meaningful range of most MFTs, electricians may have to buy a expensive specialist stand-alone loop tester, but not with the CA 6117 which can measure these values using its normal high current Zs range.

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