Advanced Insulation Resistance Testing Techniques

Insulation is arguably the most importance component of all electrical circuits and equipment, this is certainly true from a safety perspective. The testing of insulation is critical to assessing the condition of all electrical systems. From PAT testing your kettle or carrying out an EICR on an electrical installation to checking the windings on an HV supply transformer, insulation resistance testing is a key test relied on by electricians every single day. These webinars give you a detailed look at the topic of insulation resistance testing across a range of applications. If you are an electrician, then these webinars are must see viewing.

This webinar will cover:

  • High voltage insulation test applications and test voltages
  • The causes of insulation degradation and failure
  • Advanced IR testing techniques, including DAR, PI, DD & Step Voltage
  • Test equipment selection >1000V